The Bush Foundation partners with about 40 other amazing organizations across the region to produce bushCONNECT. Accepting applications for bushCON 2020 partners through September 26, 2019, at noon Central. 

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Programming Partners

These partners are organizations that know how to produce engaging event programming that inspires, equips and connects people to more effectively lead change in their communities.

Programming partners receive funds to develop content for and host their proposed sessions. Each partner will be asked to present their session twice during the day. Funds may be used to cover staff time, speaker fees and travel expenses, and/or session materials, etc. 


Recruitment Partners

These partners are organizations connected to leadership networks that reflect the region's diverse sectors, geographies and cultures.

Recruitment partners receive funds to promote bushCON to leaders who might not otherwise know about the event. Each partner is expected to successfully recruit, register and engage 20 people. Funds may be used to cover staff time, cohort travel expenses, promotional materials and/or cohort networking events before or after bushCON. 

How to Apply

Visit the Bush Foundation website to find selection criteria, deadlines and more.

Accepting applications through September 26, 2019, at noon Central.