bushCONNECT — or bushCON for short — is a leadership and networking event that builds stronger and more meaningful connections among leaders in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and the 23 Native nations that share the same geography.

bushCON is powered by the Bush Foundation in partnership with more than 40 organizations from the region.

What is bushCON?

Experience bushCON, and see what the day is like.


bushCON includes inspiring talks, engaging small-group sessions, conversations with community leaders, and interactive networking experiences, all designed to inspire, equip and connect leaders across different networks for success.

It's a fun, random adventure that's slightly outside your control. It's about the people in the room. It's about making connections with people you wouldn't otherwise meet and building skills you didn't know you needed.

At bushCON, here's what you can expect:

  • Speakers with a unique approach to innovation, leadership and resiliency.

  • Community leaders willing to share their leadership journeys and struggles.

  • Highly interactive and engaging sessions that will challenge the way you think, expose you to new ideas and get you out of your seat.

  • Opportunities to meet people you might not otherwise meet.

Here's what we hope you'll do as an attendee:

  • Put yourself out there.

  • Introduce yourself to new people and help connect others.

  • Engage in conversations and participate in the sessions and activities.

We believe — and you've told us — leaders do their best work when they have the opportunity to meaningfully connect with one another and with new ways of thinking.

The Bush Foundation's overarching goal is to support innovative, creative problem solving to make our region better for everyone. If we truly want to spark innovative change in our region, we know it starts with people, specifically with leaders who have the power to influence their communities each and every day. People like you.